The "Irish slaves" myth is a grotesque distortion of facts used to bolster racist ideas, and a consequence of the collapse of critical thinking.

The shattered GPO, Dublin

Some aspects of patriotism are considered politically incorrect in Ireland. This has to change.

The shattered GPO, Dublin

The unfinished business of the Easter Rising


Gun Control

Chicago’s crime figures are not an argument against gun control in the city. They are an argument for gun control in neighboring states.

A disturbing animal cruelty case highlights problems with America’s criminal justice system.

A court ruling could spell the end of the “amateur” status of top-flight American college sports.


Apple's New Headquarters in Cupertino

Apple's futuristic new building is neither a new concept nor a progressive innovation.


Apple's latest adventure will be a test of how it can get by without Steve Jobs.


Facebook’s mobile messenger app is not going to spy on you.


Large Hadron Collider at CERN

Short-sighted emphasis on potential economic gain is hurting science

Hydrophilic absorbing layer on top combines with a hydrophilic insulating layer on the bottom

A simple and inexpensive but effective method of generating steam from solar energy could have a profound impact.

Yet another report confirms what the vast majority of climate scientists have been saying for decades. Is anyone listening?