Gun Control

Chicago’s crime figures are not an argument against gun control in the city. They are an argument for gun control in neighboring states.

A disturbing animal cruelty case highlights problems with America’s criminal justice system.

A court ruling could spell the end of the “amateur” status of top-flight American college sports.

Invasive surveillance and excessively militarized policing could undermine support for, and hence the effectiveness of, law enforcement.

Wage theft is a growing problem

LinkedIn is to pay nearly $6M in unpaid overtime wages and damages to 359 employees.

Anti-immigration Republicans are storing up a lot of problems for themselves and for America.

The US media’s coverage of the carnage in Gaza reflects more than just pro-Israeli tendencies.

Capital punishment is doomed in America. Its demise cannot come soon enough.

The car is king in America, but not because of the free market or conservative values.

If Cory Booker is going to run for President, 2016 would be a good time.


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