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Ireland's universities have gotten mixed reviews, revealing that it is no time for complacency.


A grisly murder in Belfast has ignited the latest political crisis at Stormont.

Wage theft is a growing problem

The prospect of EU tax harmonization is making Ireland nervous. It should not.

Government Buildings, Dublin

There are advantages and disadvantages to nations being large or small. The advantages of smaller nations are the selling point of nationalist movements.


Ireland's politicians are behind the times on the legalization of marijuana.

Government Buildings, Dublin

The Irish government is on a collision course with the Tobacco industry.

It is possible that Irish soil was used as part of "extraordinary rendition." We should be very concerned about this.

Government Buildings, Dublin

The project of Irish nationalism has always faced the toughest of challenges, not from outside, but from within.

Water charges may be necessary, but they may also be too unpopular to be implemented.

Many of those advocating Scotland staying in the UK are more inclined to inadvertently boost support for secession.


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A visionary proposal to turn disused railway lines into bicycle trails deserves the full support of the government.

The Irish government's long-term plan for the country is not as visionary as it looks.

The people stand to benefit from the Public Services Card. The government should sell it to them better.

Other developed countries could be a source of ideas for curing homelessness.