Apple's New Headquarters in Cupertino

Apple's futuristic new building is neither a new concept nor a progressive innovation.


Apple's latest adventure will be a test of how it can get by without Steve Jobs.


Facebook’s mobile messenger app is not going to spy on you.

SS United States, holder of the Blue Riband

An irreplaceable piece of American history could be saved from the scrapyard.

Cleaning up oceanic garbage is a laudable enterprise, but not as easy as it looks.

Earthrise. When the Apollo astronauts went to the moon, one of the most stunning experiences was looking back at Earth.

The anniversary of a unique achievement for mankind.

The British government is about to rush new privacy-busting laws onto the books with little debate.

The VT students' winning design. Image Credit: Virginia Tech.

NASA contests encourage students to pursue careers in aeronautical engineering.

A new take on an old transport concept might finally be adopted.


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